Organic Cacao products and Organic Coconut products. Please check back as we will be adding more products to this category.
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Cold Pressed Unrefined Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Cold Pressed Unrefined Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Organic Coconut Oil is such a versatile product.

Our Price: $240.00
Organic Bourbon Vanilla Powder Organic Bourbon Vanilla Powder

Our Organic Bourbon Vanilla Powder is a high quality raw powder made from the beans of Madagascar Vanilla planifolia. This product has excellent taste and aroma. It is well suited for many baking, drink and dessert recipes. We love it as a complement to healthy smoothies.

From $31.99
Superedibles  Organic Cacao Nibs Organic Cacao Nibs

Organic Cacao Nibs are an antioxidant powerhouse and a storehouse of nutrients. Superedibles Certified Organic Cacao Nibs are derived from the beans of the Criollo, the variety of cocoa plant that is considered to produce the finest quality beans.

From $12.49
Organic Cocoa Almonds Organic Cocoa Almonds

Superedibles Organic Cocoa Almonds are premium organic almonds coated with high quality rich dark chocolate.

From $15.99
Organic Coconut Flour Organic Coconut Flour

Organic Coconut Flour is a is a fiber packed gluten-free flour that can be used as a base in wheat free baking and cooking. Coconut flour has a high protein content compared to other flours. Being 100% ground coconut meat, it has all of the healthful benefits associated with coconut.

From $3.49
Organic Coconut Palm Sugar Organic Coconut Palm Sugar

Superedibles' Organic Coconut Palm Sugar is a delicious and easy-to-use low glycemic sweetener that is a measure for measure replacement for other granulated sugar products while providing superior health and nutritional qualities.

From $4.99
Organic Shredded Coconut Organic Shredded Coconut

Superedibles Organic Shredded Coconut has no added sweeteners or preservatives. Coconut is loaded with medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) and fiber and is a great addition to a healthy diet.

From $3.75
Raw Organic Cacao Powder Raw Organic Cacao Powder

Superedibles Raw Organic Cacao Powder tastes great and is loaded with vitamins, minerals and incredibly high levels of plant phenols and dietary fiber. Raw cacao offers tremendous antioxidant capacity and numerous other health benefits.

From $8.49